Fact Sheet

  • Based in Singapore

  • Founded in 2013

  • Released:
    Nin Online (2017)
    Pirate Souls (TBA)


  • Rory "Ueda"

  • Michael Sakharov

  • Seth Jones

HITSPARK is a first of its kind indie & homebrew mmorpg developer & publisher

Beginning with the first alpha test of Nin Online in 2013, Hitspark, along with Nin Online became an overnight hit with a large number of fans from a niche audience.

Nin Online Logo

Our Mission

We believe in online games that aim to be as ethically monetized as possible, avoiding anything that can be deemed as Pay-to-Win.

MMORPGs are capable of bringing a special experience that no other genre of games can. The interactions between players in within a community of players create memories that live long past the game itself.

Hitspark aims to develop and bring to fruition, through publishing deals, Multiplayer Massive Online Role Playing Games made by Independent Game Developers and Homebrew Game Developers.

The almost oxymoron-ish title of "Indie MMORPG" can cause many to turn their heads. But there is a place both in the market, and in the hearts of gamers for meaningful experiences crafted by lovers of the genre, for their peers.

DEVELOPMENT Assistance & Advisory

With a strong team of experienced programmers & technical artists, we're able to support development of multiple projects at once.


Sometimes game development can require more time and costs than initially thought. We are ready to come in and provide you with what you need to go on full speed ahead.


We're building a strong arsenal of independently-made MMORPG games, just because we believe that's what gives them heart.